Algotreat therapeutic heat pad for period pains

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Algotreat therapeutic heat pad contains natural ingredients (iron, carbon, salt and water) and it is discreet and odorless. Once the pad is opened it comes into contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, it heats gradually, reaching within 30 minutes its optimal heat, which remains stable for at least 12 hours.

Algotreat therapeutic heat pad for period pains has been specifically designed to be applied to the pains caused by periods, relieving you from such pain, easily and in a healthy manner thanks to its double effect. As the pad is applied to the pain area, its heat relieves and helps with the oxygenation of the muscle of the uterus and simultaneously blocks pain, resulting in immediate relief.

For proper use, use the patch as soon as you feel the symptoms. Open the package and remove the adhesive liner. The pad can be used in two different ways, depending on the amount of heat required. To achieve maximum heat stick the heat pad to the external side of your underwear, over the pain area that needs relief as shown on the package. For milder heat, apply the pad with the adhesive side on the inner side of your underwear in such a way that the patch comes in contact with the pain area. Apply as needed. One time use.

One time use.


Immediate relief

Discreet and comfortable

12 hour lasting effect

Natural therapeutic heat

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