Algodent Fresh breath oral spray, with mint flavor 20ml so that you can enjoy a unique sense of freshness and a healthy breath to last the whole day
4.90 €
Algoskin Creamy Petroleum Jelly with Vitamin E 170 g assists with the restoration of skin damage, deeply moisturizers and protects immediate absorption with no trace of grease.
6.90 €
Therapeutic thermal patch for period pains contains 4 patches
6.90 €
Algotreat freeze massage gel 170ml, is a product of cryotherapy , which relieves pain from sore muscles and joints
9.50 €
A rubbing ointment which relieves symptoms from the common cold
6.90 €
Αlgotreat Ear plugs from polyurethane foam
4.00 €
Therapeutic thermal patch ideal for muscle and joint pains contains 4 patches
6.90 €
Regeneration cream for cracked heels, 75g of algoskin cream contains urea, glycerin & lanolin, which heels the cracked skin and deeply moisturizes thus contributing to smooth and soft heels.
8.90 €
SALTPIPE IS A NATURAL WAY TO ASSIST THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM which contains salt crystals brings the benefits of salt therapy to your doorstep! The substances within the Saltpipe device expire after 5 years of appropriate use. The devise is made of porcelain.
49.90 € 24.95 €
Durable dental floss with satin texture that glides easily between the teeth. Soft toothpick and a ribbed tongue cleaner
4.50 €

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